We are inviting experienced program evaluators to become a member of ZİDEK Association

All operations of our association are focused on advancing the public welfare by the enhancement of engineering education to produce engineers who are better educated, more qualified, and percipient of current and advancing technologies. ZİDEK invites experienced program evaluators to become a member of the association.

According to Article 3(a) of ZİDEK Charter, active faculty members or lecturers in faculties of agriculture, forestry or aquaculture or other agricultural, forestry and aquaculture education institutions who can contribute to ZİDEK’s objectives, and Article 3(b), any real person / public or private legal entity with objectives and activities supporting ZİDEK’s objectives may become members of ZİDEK by the decision of the ZİDEK Executive Board

After the membership decision, relevant real person / legal entity pays an admission fee. Members are responsible for paying the annual membership fee regularly.

Members may terminate their ZİDEK membership by resigning. This resignation must be in writing. As soon as the Executive Board receives the petition for resignation, the termination shall be considered final.

Cases for dismissal from ZİDEK membership are presented below:

  • Acting in conflict with the ZİDEK Charter
  • Not paying the membership fee within one year regardless of written warnings,
  • Not acting in concert with the decisions made by ZİDEK’s bodies
  • Losing the conditions of membership stated in ZİDEK Charter Article 3

Membership termination does not terminate any accumulated debts of the member to the association.

No debt collection shall be pursued in case of termination due to death.

We are inviting those ZİDEK volunteers with the above qualifications to become a member of our association.

Please contact ZİDEK Executive Board Chair Prof. Dr. Gökhan SÖYLEMEZOĞLU (info@zidek.org.tr) for documents needed for membership application.