ZİDEK is Seeking Evaluator Candidates for Accreditation of Agricultural, Forestry and Aquacultural Engineering Educational Programs

ZİDEK is seeking evaluator candidates both from academia and industry/business to conduct accreditation evaluation of education programs according to ZİDEK Evaluation Criteria in order to play an important role in quality improvement efforts of institutions.

Program evaluators conduct their evaluations on entirely voluntary basis. The evaluation process involves the examination of a self-assessment report prepared by the program reviewed, a visit to the institution, and leadership role in making the accreditation decision. Program evaluators involved in accreditation processes serve an important social responsibility duty by contributing to the quality improvement efforts in Agricultural, Forestry and Aquacultural Engineering education.

ZİDEK, established in 2011 adn applied to the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) on June 26, 2020 to be authorized for accreditation and was authorized in July 8, 2020 with a Quality Evaluation and Registration Certificate for 2 years. On 08 July 2022, ZİDEK’s Quality Evaluation and Registration Certificate was extended for two years and ZİDEK was authorized to evaluate and accredit educational programs of faculties of forestry and aquaculture in addition to faculties of agriculture. Considering the fact that there are over 300 programs in faculties of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, contributions of new volunteers are needed in order to meet ever increasing accreditation demands.

It is desired for those evaluator candidates from academia to have experience in assessment-evaluation, continuous improvement, and preparation for accreditation at national and/or international level, and from industry/business world to have experience in at least one of the areas of Agricultural, Forestry or Aquacultura Engineering education, engineering management, and quality processes.

In the following evaluation period, evaluator applications are encouraged in all relevant disciplines.

Applications can be made to soylemez@zidek.org.tr or info@zidek.org.tr together with a curriculum vitae (CV) and filled ZİDEK-Evaluator Candidate Questionnaire (in Turkish)