28 November 2019


ZAK – Faculties of Agriculture Educational Programs Accreditation Board

Evaluation of Faculties of Agriculture educational programs and the decision-making regarding accreditation is conducted by  Faculties of Agriculture Educational Programs Accreditation Board (ZAK), an independent body of ZİDEK.

ZAK consists of a total of eleven (11) members: five (5) academics from universities, one (1) professional organization representative (Union of the Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects – Chamber of Agricultural Engineers/CAE (TMMOB ZMO)), one (1) professional institution representative (Union of Turkish Agricultural Engineers MSc.), one (1) representative of a non-governmental organization in the fields of quality and/or accreditation (KalDer – Turkish Quality Association) and three (3) industry representatives. Please click here for ZAK Members.

ZAK conducts its accreditation activities through program evaluation teams formed for this purpose.

The structure and operational principles of ZAK, and details of accreditation process are defined in the ZİDEK Documents titled: ZİDEK Operational Regulations and ZİDEK Directive on Policies and Procedures for Evaluation and Accreditation