He was born in 1949 in Köyceğiz/Çavuşlar Village of Eskipazar County, Karabük Province.

He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Karabük.

He graduated first in his class from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture in 1972, which he entered in 1967 when the 5-year system was first implemented.

He started to work as a research assistant in 1974 at the department from which he graduated at the Vineyards-Orchards department. He received the titles “Doctor of Agriculture” in 1978, “Assistant Professor” in 1982, “Associate Professor” in 1983 and “Professor” in 1988.

25 Master’s theses and 5 doctorate theses were completed under his direction. He has a total of 136 publications, 3 of which are published books (Genel Bağcılık, Genel Bahçe Bitkileri, Üzüm Çeşit Kataloğu) and 26 of which are in foreign a language (English).

He executed scientific research projects and applied training programs in almost all parts of Türkiye, gave conferences and seminars, worked in organization and scientific committees of scientific meetings, attended panels, festivals, expos and fairs  for the development of national viticulture and vine production.

He presented scientific papers, conducted scientific/technical research and analyses, represented Türkiye as a FAO Expert, attended fairs and expos in 37 international professional travels to 14 different countries.

He worked as a coordinator and technical advisor between 1992-2018 to various foundations (Kalevak/Kalecik-Ankara) and firms (Sunfidan/Salihli-Manisa, Likya/Elmalı-Antalya, Doluca/İstanbul, Sanset-Vinero/Çanakkale, Fidan Corp./Ankara) on behalf of Ankara University.

He worked as a “Faculty Research Assistant Representative” and “Member of the Executive Board” at Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture between 1978-1979 and at the Department of Horticulture, he worked as “Vice Head of Department” between 1983-1989, “Department Head” and “Faculty Council Member” between 1995-1998.

He retired from his 37 years of academic career in June 2010.

He was awarded the Service Award by the TMMOB Chamber of Agricultural Engineers

He is married to Prof. Dr. Menşure ÇELİK, who worked as a lecturer between 1973-2010 in “Fruit Growing Department” at the same institution. He has a daughther (Ceren ÇELİK) who works as a lecturer at Ankara University.

He still works as a lecturer at European University of Lefke in Lefke Province of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Çelik has been serving in the ZİDEK Advisory Board since June 2019.