Prof. Dr. Ercan EFE was born in Elmalı/Yapraklı (Güğü) Village of Antalya Province and completed his high school education at Antalya Aksu Teacher Training School which had been a Village Institute previously. He completed his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate at Çukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science, Department of Biometry and Genetics and started to work there. He still continues to work in the same department at Kahramanmaraş Süçtü İmam University.

His specialty is Statistics, Applied Statistics, Biometry, Biostatistics and Research and Trial Methods.

He authored 9 books in the fields of Statistics, Computer Programming, Information Technologies. His 4 books which still stay current are SPSS’te Çözümleri ile İstatistik Yöntemler II (EFE, E., Bek, Y. and Şahin, M., 2000), İstatistiksel Örnek Büyüklüğü (EFE, E., 2000), Araştırma ve Deneme Metodları I (Bek, Y. and EFE, E., 1987), SAS Yazılımı ile İstatistiksel Analizler (Orhan, H., EFE, E. and Şahin, M., 2004).

He has a total of 109 scientific works. 15 of which are internationally published and 21 of which are nationally published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 19 of his works were presented and published in international scientific meetings and 38 of his works were presented and published in national scientific meetings.

He teaches Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate classes such asn Non-Parametric Statistics, Advanced Research and Trial Methods, Linear Models, Matrices in Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Dispersion Theory, Use of Statistics Software, Statistical Methods in Quantitative Genetics, Covariance Analyses, Multi-variable Analysis, Determining Sample Size in Scientific Research, Internet and Accessing Scientific Information, Regression Analysis. He attended national and international symposiums, congresses, workshops and panels. He lectured in multiple conferences on Computer Technologies, environmental pollution and accessing scientific information.

He advised 10 Master’s and 7 doctorate students and helped them complete their theses. He is still advisor of 1 Master’s and 2 doctorate theses.

Besides academics, he is interested in literature, painting, mountaineering and photography. He was involved in the founding of various non-governmental organizations such as MADOSK (Kahramanmaraş Mountaineering and Nature Sports Association Club, 2004), KSÜDER46 (Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University Association for Lecturers, 2014), TCMK MARAŞ (Kahramanmaraş Turkish Chopper Motorcycle Club, 2013), ZOODER46 (Kahramanmaraş Animal Science Graduates Association, 2008), ADD KMaraş (Ataturkist Thought Association Kahramanmaraş Branch, 2009), TEMA Kahramanmaraş (2008), SEÇENEK (Sustainable Ecological Environment and Protecting the Rights of Future Generations, 2015) and served / is still serving as the chair, honorary chair and/or executive board member.

Prof. Dr. Ercan EFE has been a member of ZİDEK Advisory Board since June 2019.