He graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Aquaculture in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree . He received his Master’s Degree from the Ege University Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Aquaculture in 2000 and his PhD. from the same Department in 2005. He was appointed as a Research Assistant at the same university in 1999 and continued this duty until 2009. He started his academic career at Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Aquacultural Engineering as Asst. Prof. Dr. between 2009-2010, as Assoc. Prof. Dr. between 2010-2015 and Prof. Dr. since 2015.

In scientific terms, as of 2022, he has been an editor and chapter author in 4 books, 57 scientific articles, 55 scientific papers, 24 national-scale projects and his articles have been cited more than a thousand times. He has been or is the editor of many symposiums and journals. In addition, he worked at Tokyo University of Marine Sciences and Technology between 2002-2003 and at Humboldt University of Berlin in May 2012.

During his academic life, he has been involved in many administrative duties such as Research Assistant Representative, Animal Experiments Local Ethics Committee Member, Education-Training-Legislation-Adaptation Commission Member, Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Science and Technology, Deputy Dean, Department Head.

He is a member of the Turkish Chamber of Agricultural Engineers and the Deputy Chair of the Aquaculture Association.

Prof. Dr. Deniz ÇOBAN has been serving as a Member of the ZAK since April 2022.