He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department in 1992. He worked as a manufacturing engineer at MKE Taksan Machine Tools Factory. As a member of Turkey’s first local CNC machine tool manufacturing team, İleri started to work as a technical consultant at TARMAKBİR (The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers) in 1995. He still works as the Secretary General of TARMAKBİR and served as the Term President of AGRIEVOLUTION Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers’ Associations Global Alliance between 2016-2017. İleri, still serves as MAKFED (Turkish Machinery Federation) Associations General Secretaries Group Executive Board Member, Smart Agriculture Platform Executive Board Member, Machinery Industry Sector Platform Executive Board Member, TOBB Turkey Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Council Membe, ZAK Member. In addition to his duties as a Member of the R&D and Design Centers Evaluation Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Vice-Chair of the Agricultural Mechanization Board, he is also a Member of the MAKTEK Machinery Technical Committee, a Member of the MARTEK Tractor Subcommittee, and the Group Chair of the Agricultural Machinery Subcommittee. On behalf of TARMAKBİR, İleri also undertakes the task of representing in CEMA European Agricultural Machinery Association, Agrievolution Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers’ Associations Global Alliance and ReCAMA Asia-Pacific Countries Agricultural Machinery Associations Regional Council. He is a member of ZAK.